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For advisers

Equilibrium makes it easy for you to help your clients achieve their goals and stay invested. We’re here to help you get your clients to their goals with more certainty and less anxiety, keeping them on their journey to achieving their investment goals.


Discretionary fund management services

We can implement solutions either through a model portfolio or a fund-of-funds structure, depending on your FSP licence (Category I or I I) and preference.

Category I financial services provider

Appoint us as your DFM to construct and manage a range of portfolios for you.

Category II financial services provider

Appoint us to provide advice on the portfolios managed on your mandate.


Appoint us to manage your portfolios on our mandate.

Why choose us?

Finding robust and compliant portfolios solutions can be time-consuming and a high-risk undertaking. That's why we're offering you services and investment solutions capable of meeting your clients' unique needs.

  • Likelihood of success
  • Flexible portfolio selection
  • Customisation
  • Platform agnostic
  • Local and offshore
  • Client-specific needs

Likelihood of success

We construct world-class solutions to increase the likelihood that your clients' investment goals will be achieved

  • Over the relevant time periods.
  • Taking into account your clients' tolerance for risk.

Flexible portfolio selection

  • Cost-effective solutions by accessing preferential fees.
  • Specialist building blocks and single asset class mandates.
  • An optimal blend of investment strategies.
  • Diversification across asset classes.
  • Portfolios are competitively priced.


We provide the following investment solutions:

  • Active
  • Passive
  • Smart-Beta

Or a combination of all three, allowing for further customisation.

Platform agnostic

Platform agnostic

We are platform agnostic – we create solutions on various LISP platforms to cater to your preferences.

Local and offshore

We provide a holistic solution through expertise in local and global markets.

They may be local only, global, or a combination of both local and global solutions.

Client-specific needs

We design solutions for your clients' specific needs, whether this is capital protection, liquidity, or capital growth over their specified time horizon. We can use either:

  • Building blocks or balanced solutions.
  • Model portfolios or fund of funds.

Enabling advice outcomes

We provide you with investment management services and solutions, so you can focus on what is important to you and your clients – providing them with informed and thoughtful advice to keep them on track to achieving their personal investment goals. We offer :

Local and global experience

We focus on your clients’ objectives

Purposeful-built investment solutions to achieve investment goals

Multi-mandate & behind-the-scenes technology

Operational efficiencies to unlock your full potential

We bring increased efficiency in your practice, enabling better succession planning and allowing you to merge practices effectively or achieve higher multiples for your book when the time comes to exit the industry.

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Bulk switching

Our ability to bulk switch across all clients enables us to implement decisions efficiently when markets shift, without requiring you to complete additional paperwork or obtain switch forms from your clients. We take care of these decisions and implement changes timeously and decisively.

  • We optimise your ability to grow, exit and merge
  • We reduce administration
  • We give you more time to focus on advice and build relationships
  • We give you more time to do planninng
  • We create efficiencies in your practice
Three stacked shapes on top of each other: a circle, semi circle and rounded triangle.

Consolidated reporting

Our clients receive customised reporting in the form of monthly factsheets (co-branded where applicable), quarterly portfolio review reports as well as regular and ad hoc market and economic communications. We keep you up to date will all the necessary developments to enable you to have meaningful discussions with your clients.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How quickly can I remove a fund from all clients’ investments?
  • How much time and resources do I spend on administration?
  • How many clients do I see in a day?
  • How much preparation time do I need to see a client?

Our clients often comment that apart from the flexible execution of our investment skills, they value our regular communication and transparent and detailed reporting. 

LISP platforms

Fund managers

  • 1nvest
  • 36One
  • ABSA
  • Allan Gray
  • Amplify
  • Aylett
  • Bateleur
  • BCI
  • Ashburton
  • BlackRock
  • BlueAlpha
  • Cadiz
  • Catalyst
  • Centaur
  • Contrarius
  • CoreShares
  • Coronation
  • Dodge and Cox
  • Fairtree
  • Fidelity
  • GTC
  • Foord
  • Kagiso
  • Laurium
  • M&G
  • Marriott
  • Momentum Collective Investments
  • Nedgroup Investments
  • Ninety One
  • Old Mutual
  • Peregrine
  • Prescient
  • PSG
  • Rezco
  • Sands Capital
  • Satrix
  • Sanlam Investment Managers
  • Sentio
  • Sesfikile
  • Stonehage Fleming
  • Truffle
  • Visio

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