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Investment management

We create customised portfolio solutions for your clients' unique needs and specific to their investment objectives.


A balanced offering

We provide you with investment management services and solutions so you can focus on what is important to you and your clients – providing them with informed advice to keep them on track to achieving their personal investment goals.

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Our investment philosophy

We prioritise your clients’ investment goals. Our investment solutions aim to achieve the desired outcomes and increase the probability of delivering the portfolio's objective. Asset allocation is the cornerstone of this philosophy. We take considerations into account - from asset allocation, mandate design, and risk management - to achieve your clients' investment outcomes.

Our portfolios are constructed and managed based on the client's objectives, which has the following pillars:

  • Time horizon: We define a time horizon.
  • Risk budget: We determine an acceptable level of risk (this indicates how much a portfolio may fall in adverse market conditions).
  • Return objective: We use a reasonable return target.

Portfolio construction

1. Optimal strategic asset allocation

2. Blending a variety of investment strategies

3. Investment manager and mandate selection

Model portfolios

When you invest your clients’ money in one of our model portfolios, you are investing in
an efficiently constructed investment portfolio. We continually optimise the portfolio’s asset
allocation and maintain the portfolio, so that its construction remains in line with its stated objectives. 

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Standard portfolios

Our portfolios are available on the majority of the leading linked investment services provider (LISP) platforms.

We continually optimise the portfolio's asset allocation and maintain the portfolio so that its construction remains in line with its stated objectives. For more information on our standard portfolios, click here.

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Customised portfolios

In our customised solutions, we rely heavily on your objectives to assist us in defining the three pillars of your client's objective. It's about constructing portfolio solutions that are capable of meeting your clients' needs and placing them at the centre.

Investment consulting

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We also offer our investment consulting capability if you have your own Category II FSP licence.

In these instances, we are appointed in an advisory role offering various services, such as investment management research, portfolio construction and attribution, to monitoring of returns, portfolio optimisation, asset allocation as well as reporting and execution.

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This allows Category II FSP licence holders to apply our services to their own investment philosophy, which may differ from our outcome-based investing approach.

Most importantly, you also have access to our portfolio managers to make sure there is ongoing portfolio monitoring, which will timeously warn against potential risks and opportunities.

Designing investment solutions that focus on your clients’ goals

Active asset allocation

Investment manager due diligence and research
Ongoing portfolio management
Portfolio fee negotiations
Qualitative and quantitative portfolio screening
Portfolio solutions categorised by risk profile
Portfolio selection and blending
Portfolio management and rebalancing


Our portfolios are available on the majority of the leading linked investment services provider (LISP) platforms in South Africa.

Portfolio solutions

Portfolio construction and management

Institutional and retail

Systematic strategies and structuring

Passives, smart beta, structuring, hedging

Fixed income and specialised strategies

Fixed income, credit, liability-driven investments

Growth through capital

Listed property

Alternative investments

Hedge funds, private equity, infrastructure

Research and insight

Macro and economic outcome-based investing themes and strategy

Outcome based research

Practitioner research related to outcome-based investing

Global investment management

Global portfolio construction and management

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